Say what you want, Baylor feels it has found a winning look

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ALBUQUERQUE – Quincy Miller's first reaction when he saw the yellow uniforms he and his Baylor basketball mates were going to wear throughout postseason play? Shock.

"I was like, 'Oooooh, they're kinda loud,' " Miller, a freshman forward, said Thursday. "I wasn't feeling it."

That's understandable, given the unis look as if they were colored with a yellow highlighter.

But Miller and the rest of his teammates have had a change of heart. They're 2-0 wearing them, having defeated Kansas State in the Big 12 tournament and, on Thursday, South Dakota State in the second round of the NCAA South Regional.

"I don't know where it came from," junior guard Pierre Jackson said after the Bears defeated the Jackrabbits 68-60. "We've got a pretty good record in them, so I could care less."

Of course, where they came from is a promotional idea from adidas. Countering Nike's all-gray look for the likes of Ohio State and Oregon, adidas has gone loud in outfitting three teams – Louisville, Cincinnati and Baylor – in high-tech, lightweight "adizero" uniforms.

For the most part, there's nothing outrageous in the garb worn by Cincinnati and Louisville, with only the trim and socks sporting the neon look. With Baylor, though, adidas went wild.

"Those are some ugly uniforms," Charles Barkley commented during Thursday's truTV broadcast of the Bears' game against South Dakota State. "If you're going to wear those ugly uniforms, you've got to play well."

Here's the thing: The three teams have been since they began wearing them in their conference tournaments. In the Big East tournament, Cincinnati and Louisville, the fourth and seventh seeds, respectively, met in the final after beating No. 2 Marquette and No. 1 Syracuse along the way. Baylor advanced to the final of the Big 12 tournament, beating No. 1 Kansas in the camouflage "road" version of the electric uniforms.

At one point, the three teams were a combined 6-0 wearing adizero and all three advanced to the third round of the NCAA tournament. They're now a combined 11-2, with one of those losses coming in a head-to-head matchup.

Next up for the Bears is Colorado, the sole tournament representative left from the Pac-12. As the higher seed, Baylor gets to pick which uniforms it will wear. While they may be ugly, the electric yellow has made believers out of the Bears.

"Once you put 'em on, you know, we look pretty good in them," Miller said. "We got a good record. So there's no complaints from me."

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