Vin Diesel Posts Cryptic Instagram Video Following Dwayne Johnson Feud Rumors

From Cosmopolitan

Vin Diesel, the rumored target of Dwayne Johnson's "candy asses" call-out about his male Fast 8 co-stars, has taken to Instagram to share a video message that's about more than his daughter's new word. After letting fans know little Pauline's latest word, "happy," "kind of describes my spirit and my soul," Vin gets serious in that familiar, deep Vin Diesel voice.

"Honestly. Give me a second, and I will tell you everything," he says, before going down another Vin Diesel-level octave to deliver another "everything." Vin's video, posted Wednesday night, arrived hours after The Rock shared a message from the Fast 8 set with his extras and co-stars. He, too, got cryptic, writing, "Like with any team - that's a family - there's gonna be conflict. Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs. To me, conflict can be a good thing, when its [sic] followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it."

Earlier this week, The Rock gave fans an update on the latest Fast and Furious movie and revealed some of his male co-stars have not been "true professionals" on set. He also called them "chicken shit" and "candy asses." TMZ reports the post was meant for Vin, and that the two had a secret meeting Tuesday to hash things out. Page Six says the pair have been "butting heads" throughout the latest film's production. "Vin has a reputation for being difficult," according to one source. "He shows up late, keeps people waiting, holds up production, and is disrespectful to people on the set. Dwayne lost his patience with him."

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