Video: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have a unisex fragrance

Since marrying socialite Khloe Kardashian in September 2009, Lakers forward Lamar Odom(notes) has seen his fame raised to heights usually only matched by the league's top superstars. After living in relative national obscurity for most of his career, Odom now has several national endorsements and a reality television show in the works. He's also playing some of the best and most consistent basketball of his career, a development Odom credits to the love and support of his wife and the rest of her family.

Still, while this is a legitimate love story in which both parties have become better and more successful people, it's also had its fair share of ridiculousness. The relationship has perhaps hit its apex of hilarity with this ad for "Unbreakable," a unisex fragrance. I'm not exactly sure why a couple would want to smell the same -- my approach has always been that two partners should appreciate their differences and celebrate each other in all their human imperfections. But more power to them, I guess, because they're in love and they're allowed to express that passion as they see fit.

Most people wouldn't do that by filming a tastefully done nude fragrance ad, but most of us aren't famous basketball players with famous-for-being-famous wives (or, more accurately, wives famous for being the sisters of famous-for-being-famous women). It's ridiculous to see Lamar and Khloe groping each other and engaging in all kinds of bizarre gestures, even if it's par for the course for a perfume/cologne ad. But if you're famous and in love, this clip honestly isn't so weird. Is it any more bizarre than a naked man hugging his fully clothed wife (mildly NSFW) on the cover of one of the world's most popular magazines? Lamar Odom isn't on the same level of creativity as John Lennon, but he's still a famous person looking to express his love for the woman of his dreams. Sometimes you do that by putting out a unisex fragrance and filming a ludicrous ad for it.

I can't blame anyone for laughing at this video, because it is pretty easy to mock. But as you do, realize that love makes you act like a ridiculous fool a lot of the time. Like this ad, it's irrational and embarrassing. But it's sweet and kind of wonderful, too.

(Video via Nate Jones)

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