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Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley joins Adrian Wojnarowski for a visit on the The Vertical Podcast with Woj.

In a raw and emotional conversation, Beverley, one of the most intense and relentless players in the league, traces his ferocity to the streets of Chicago’s West Side. Beverley talks about why he has almost no friends in the NBA and why he's most comfortable in his old neighborhood, and details the short list of guards he thinks are willing to go toe-to-toe with him.

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Beverley also discusses other guards who have failed to displace him as James Harden’s backcourt mate and how egos and a lack of trust derailed the Rockets a year ago.

1:00: Growing up on the West Side of Chicago.

4:06: How Beverley successfully navigated the city and made it to the NBA.

5:39: Playing professionally in the Ukraine and Greece after leaving Arkansas.

8:17: Being the last cut by the Heat in 2010 and what he learned from being around LeBron James.

13:14: His signature tenacity, which is so uncommon in the league, and how it earned him a spot on the Rockets.

15:50: How his childhood influenced his game and why he isn’t friends with NBA players.

18:19: Why no one has been able to take his starting job alongside Harden.

21:05: The reasons why the Rockets struggled last year.

22:22: Dwight Howard’s departure and the team’s retooled roster with added perimeter shooting.

23:28: His appreciation for the national anthem and trying to set an example for all of Chicago.

33:03: On knowing which opponents he can intimidate.

34:22: The players who will look him in the eye and compete.

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