Vertical Pod with JJ Redick: Steve Ballmer

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Clippers owner Steve Ballmer joins The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick and discusses how his experience as Microsoft CEO has influenced his ideas in the NBA.

Ballmer details the types of mistakes he's tried to avoid as a new basketball owner and how he sees the composition of these Clippers, who may have the best shot to end the Golden State Warriors' Western Conference reign.

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4:48: Ballmer’s involvement with the team and players, including participating in exit interviews.

9:06: Things he has learned about being an NBA owner, including details of the CBA.

12:50: Some of the frustrations owners experience dealing with the CBA, including negotiating among themselves.

16:26: Ballmer’s previous interest in joining an ownership group and his purchase of the Clippers.

22:40: His motivation for buying an NBA team.

29:00: Does he feel pressure to win a championship?

31:09: Feeling more in control at Microsoft than with the Clippers.

36:45: Ballmer’s message to the Clippers and the similarities between managing talent in different industries.

45:54: Do the Clippers have the mental makeup to win a title?

52:55: Teaching a class at Stanford and trying to make a positive impact on the country.

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