UFC Fight Night 85 Results: Bec Rawlings Takes the Win Over Seo Hee Ham

UFC Fight Night 85 Results: Bec Rawlings Takes the Win Over Seo Hee Ham

Bec Rawlings and Seo Hee Ham entered the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs. Mir in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday night each wanting to build some momentum.

Rawlings and Ham were supposed to have met in May of 2015 after each lost her UFC debut. Ham, however, had to pull out of the fight due to injury. Both won against other opponents before this fight in Australia was scheduled.

Neither wanted to back down, both women comfortable to stand and go toe-to-toe. Ham’s hand speed advantage was quickly evident, while Rawlings had the power advantage.

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The first frame was a lot of testing the waters, as each time Ham’s speed seemed to give her the edge, Rawlings adjusted and landed a couple bruising shots in return.

The second round was a strong one for Rawlings, who came out much more aggressively than in the first, using a lot of movement to negate some of Ham’s speed advantage, and finding openings for her own punches.

Rawlings eventually caught a kick and forced Ham to her backside. Ham tried to go for a triangle choke, but Rawlings took her back in the ensuing scramble and nearly secured a rear-naked choke. She then transitioned to an armbar attempt, but Ham escaped. The remainder of the round played out on the feet with Ham utilizing her speed well, but not mounting much damage.

Ham started quickly in the final frame, her speed becoming more effective as Rawlings slowed down. Rawlings shot for a takedown, but it was a sloppy attempt and Ham manipulated her as they hit the mat, slapping on a triangle choke as they went down. Rawlings remained calm and eventually worked her way out of the choke and they returned to their feet.

They spent the final couple minutes of the fight in a clinch up against the fence, Rawlings maintaining the advantage for most of that time, but again, neither mounted much damage.

In the end, Rawlings heart shown through to the judges, who awarded her a unanimous decision. It marked the first time since 2012 that Rawlings has scored back-to-back victories, and gives her some much needed momentum. Ham dropped to 1-2 in the Octagon.

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