UFC 24: No main event

Dave Meltzer
Yahoo! Sports

UFC 24 on March 10, 2000, was promoted as a one-match show. And the match never happened.

Kevin Randleman was scheduled to defend his heavyweight title against Pedro Rizzo in Lake Charles, La. While warming up backstage, Randleman stepped on a pipe, lost his balance, fell and cracked his head on the floor. He also injured his shoulder in the fall. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and vomited on the way. Doctors refused to let him fight, since they believed he had suffered a concussion.

This happened during the early part of the broadcast. The crowd, as well as pay-per-view buyers, were never told about the injury as the show unfolded.

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After the semifinal match between Tedd Williams and Steve Judson, they went backstage and interviewer James Worme spoke with UFC physician Dr. Richard Istrico and then announced that the main event had been canceled.

Announcer Jeff Blatnick said he heard rumors and had been distracted during the show, but never let Mike Goldberg know.

Goldberg said, in fact, it wasn't until five minutes before the announcement that he had heard anything. And the show ended on one of the most sour notes for an MMA broadcast.

Thus, probably the most forgettable UFC show on record took place, filled with largely unknown fighters battling for $1,000 payoffs. It was considered the weakest UFC event up to that point. UFC officials were relieved that despite the booing, there was only a small demand for refunds and no riots broke out.

If this was during the pre-commission regulated days, the commission likely would have asked Rizzo to face Scott Adams, a heavyweight who fought a prelim match and easily beat Ian Freeman in 3:09 with a heel hook and didn't have a scratch on him. But the commission didn't want someone fighting twice on the same show, and felt it couldn't license anyone and get them checked out on such short notice.


Also appearing on the show in the best fight of the night, and in his only UFC fight, was Bob Cook, who beat Tiki Ghosen. It was pushed as the training partner of Frank Shamrock (Cook) vs. training partner of Tito Ortiz (Ghosen). Cook is currently the manager of a number of UFC fighters including Cain Velasquez, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch.

Undercard fighter Scott Adams later became a promoter and until a few months ago was the head matchmaker in the WEC.

DirecTV, one of the few outlets still broadcasting UFC in 2000, refused to air replays of the card because the advertised main event didn't take place.


Scott Adams def. Ian Freeman, submission (heel hook), 3:12 R1
Shonie Carter def. Brad Gumm, unanimous decision
Jens Pulver def. David Velasquez, TKO, 2:41 R2
Bob Cook def. Tiki Ghosn, submission (rear naked choke), 1:30 R2
Dave Menne def. Fabiano Iha, unanimous decision
Lance Gibson def. Jermaine Andre, KO, 3:37 R3
Tedd Williams def. Steve Judson, 3:21 R1

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