UFC 191 Results: Paige VanZant Submits Alex Chambers After Mauling Her

UFC Free Fight Video: Paige VanZant Subs Alex Chambers

Rising women’s strawweight star, 21-year-old Paige VanZant kicked off the UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2 main card on Saturday by submitting Alex Chambers after mauling her for two rounds.

VanZant kept a furious pace and relentlessly pressured Chambers throughout the fight. She walked her 36-year-old opponent down and inflicted the most damage from the clinch position.

After closing the distance with punches, VanZant would apply a Thai clinch and deliver brutal knees to the body of Chambers. By the end of the opening round, the body shots were taking a toll on the Australian.

Chambers barely survived the second frame. She fell to the canvas after absorbing VanZant’s knees to the midsection. VanZant worked to finish the fight with strikes, but Chambers covered up and made it to the end of the round.

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Sensing that a finish was in sight, VanZant came out aggressive in the final frame. She clinched and continued to hurt Chambers with knees to the body. Chambers eventually fell to the ground and VanZant immediately followed her to the canvas. After failing to secure a rear-naked choke, VanZant saw an opening for an armbar. She isolated an arm and extended it. Chambers was forced to tap out with her feet.

“I’m really happy. Obviously, I worked a lot of technique for this fight, but it all went out the window and I just brawled like I usually do. But I’m happy. I got a win,” said VanZant following the fight.

VanZant was concerned about Chambers' submission game and didn't want to go to the ground with her. She let Chambers back to her feet twice during the fight instead of engaging in a grappling exchange.

“I was kind of scared to go to the ground with her because she’s a purple belt, so I was trying to avoid that. Maybe I should have went down a little earlier. I’ve got to be confident in my ground game too,” she said.

With the win, VanZant extends her winning streak to four consecutive fights. She's finished two of her three UFC opponents.

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