These two fans will regret running on the field in Detroit

Comerica Park was a wild place to be on Saturday. (AP)
Comerica Park was a wild place to be on Saturday. (AP)

Two so-called fans were able to disrupt Saturday’s Red Sox-Tigers game from Comerica Park in Detroit. The same so-called fans ended up paying the price after being tackled and jailed by security.

The incidents occurred separately, with each causing a delay of close to two minutes each. That’s because the only thing these fans had going for them was their elusiveness. That allowed them to temporarily avoid security and at times get dangerously close to players.

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Working against them was time, space and either an altered state of mind or a straight up lack of intelligence. There’s no way to avoid running out of the first two when running on the field. That’s why it’s important to maintain some semblance of awareness or to bring someone with a shred of common sense to the ballpark with you.

Either one should have been enough to keep these knuckleheads in their seats. Since they apparently lacked both, we’ll now enjoy watching them hit the ground from multiple angles.

You have to love how the second security guard jumped in there with that heavy Harley Race-style knee drop. If the fan thought he got off easy being tackled, the new bruises on his quads will tell him differently.

As for the second guy, he could probably play running back for the Detroit Lions.

His moves were that good, though he’s probably lucky Ian Kinsler didn’t commit to tackling him. He got way too close, and we’re guessing such an ending would have been much more painful.

While we understand why fans are tempted to pull these stunts, we hope it’s understood that it will never end well. You’re going to get tackled eventually, or if you’re really good at avoiding security you might even get tasered or tackled by a large and angry athlete. If that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, then please refer to the videos again.

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