Turner: Not time to bench Rivers

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To show you how quickly the Chargers' seasons is spinning out of control, some are calling for Philip Rivers, one of the Chargers best players, to become a second-stringer.
That chatter gathered momentum after Rivers threw two fourth-quarter interceptions -- one a pick-six -- in the Chargers' 34-24 loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday.
But coach Norv Turner, in his Monday afternoon press conference, quickly shot down such a notion.
"Philip Rivers gave us a chance to win that game," Turner said firmly. "He made so many plays that a lot of guys can't make.
"It's hard for me to answer that question ... I just don't think people have an understanding what that questions means."
It means, if nothing else, that everyone with a rooting interest in the Chargers can spot a season quickly slipping away. A big reason is because Rivers, despite being sharp for the majority of games, is turning the ball over at critical junctures.
What's odd is that Rivers has completed 40-of-46 passes in the past two games, but also has three interceptions on throws most rookies wouldn't have made.
Like Sunday, when the Chargers were in field goal position on third down, trailing the Bucs by three points. Instead of being prudent, Rivers got sloppy and tried to force a pass between two Bucs, which resulted in an interception by Leonard Johnson, who returned it for a touchdown.
"It's a ball he would like to have back," Turner said.
But Turner isn't going back on his word, that the answer to the Chargers' woes is not sending their Pro Bowl quarterback to the bench.
"What you do is go put together a team, a lineup that gives you the best chance to win, OK?" Turner said.

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