Tumor returns, forces Bigfoot Silva into surgery in Brazil

Jesse Holland
SB Nation

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Antonio Silva was knocked out by Andrei Arlovski at the UFC Fight Night 51 mixed martial arts (MMA) event earlier this month in Brasilia, Brazil (more on that here).

But I think it's safe to say that wins and losses are the least of his concern.

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That's because "Bigfoot" is back in surgery today (Tues., Sept. 23, 2014) to remove a pituitary gland tumor that has reemerged, according to a report from MMA Fighting, one that will keep him hospitalized until early next week.

Silva, who suffers from acromegaly, has struggled to stay healthy throughout his combat sports career, and has often relied on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to help curb some of the effects. Unfortunately, that treatment has also left him in trouble with his superiors on more than one occasion.

The Brazilian will likely be out of action until mid-2015, depending on his timeline for recovery.

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