Trevor Bauer goes on long rant defending tweet about liberal bias

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/9122/" data-ylk="slk:Trevor Bauer">Trevor Bauer</a> is a persistent man. (Getty Images/Elsa)
Trevor Bauer is a persistent man. (Getty Images/Elsa)

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer is determined. That much was clear when Bauer attempted to pitch through a painful cut on his pinky finger against the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs. Bauer even considered cauterizing the wound with a soldering iron just so he could take the mound. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s persistent.

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That quality apparently extends off the field as well. Bauer proved as much after sending out a tweet about criticizing Apple and Twitter for only sending him negative Donald Trump articles on his phone.

Here’s Bauer original tweet:

Since Bauer mixed sports and politics, there was sure to be an immense response to that tweet. Turns out, Bauer was ready for that. In the ensuing hours, Bauer responded to literally hundreds of tweets about his original comment.

Those responses varied in nature. Bauer tweeted fist pump emojis at fans who supported him, told fans who were unfollowing him “good riddance,” addressed his thoughts on climate change, declared himself “one of the most scientific players in MLB” and questioned whether Barack Obama was born in the United States. 

That’s a wide-range of topics. Some of them make sense considering his initial tweet, while others seem far removed from his complaint. So, how long does it take for a baseball player to get from tweeting about liberal media bias to addressing climate change? Don’t worry, we counted for you.

135 tweets!

Yes, since Bauer’s original tweet, he’s sent out 135 responses to fans and critics defending his position. Like we said before, he can be persistent.

There’s a chance that figure will continue to grow, obviously. Bauer is no stranger to tweeting about politics and engaging people on social media. During the first Democratic debate last January, Bauer said he was “appalled” at what he was hearing. He warned critics on Twitter that the block button was “ready” in case anyone cared to challenge him.

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With that said, things seem to have quieted down. As of this writing, it’s been four hours since Bauer tweeted about anything. Hey, a guy’s gotta sleep sometime, right? Either that, or he has carpal tunnel after staying up all night shooting out hot tweets. It wouldn’t be the first time he injured a finger playing with modern technology.

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