Trailfoody is a delicious monthly subscription box made for hikers

Kraig Becker
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trailfoody subscription box
trailfoody subscription box

Subscription box services have become extremely popular over the past few years, to the point that you can now find one to pretty much match whatever interest you might have. There are a number of monthly box services that focus on health and fashion, of course, but others offer everything from video games to unique and hard-to-find condiments. There is even one that sends your kids new tech projects to do each month.

Naturally, lovers of the outdoors haven’t been left in the lurch either, as both Cairn and BivySak have filled that niche nicely. But a new monthly box service called Trailfoody has recently appeared on the scene, offering hikers and backpackers a unique and tasty alternative.

As the name implies, Trailfoody is a box service that sends subscribers a supply of healthy and delicious foods that appeal specifically to outdoor enthusiasts. Options could include dried fruits, jerky, energy bars, energy drinks, nut mixes, and more. As you would expect, the assortment is different each time, and the foods have been specifically chosen to provide plenty of fuel for outdoor adventures, while remaining healthy at the same time.

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In an effort to find tasty goodies and healthy snacks for its customers, Trailfoody has partnered with some well-known brands. When they open their boxes each month, subscribers might find snacks from companies like Probar, Tanka, and Justin’s. Most of the items included in the service are free from artificial preservatives or genetically modified ingredients, and some are even completely organic too. None of the items require refrigeration either, which means they are ready to be tossed in your pack and carried with you on your outdoor adventures.

Trailfoody offers three different levels of subscriptions based on how often you are active in the outdoors each month. For instance, “The Wander” subscription level provides enough snacks for one or two outings, and costs $22. That roughly translates to 1 trail lunch and 4 energy bars in each box. If that isn’t enough to keep you fed on the trail, “The Pathfinder” may be more to your liking. This subscription is designed for three outings and delivers 3 trail lunches and 6 energy bars for $44. Finally, “The Intrepid” subscription level is built for four outings, and as such comes with 4 trail lunches and 8 energy bars at a cost of $54.

As is typical with a monthly box service, customers can switch their subscription plan at any time, give a subscription as a gift, or even skip a month if they choose. Oddly enough, however, Trailfoody doesn’t seem to offer a discount to those who subscribe for multiple months at a time. Most box services will give customers a lower rate if they are willing to commit to a 6 or 12-month subscription plan, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. At least not at this time.

Finding the right foods to keep you moving on the trail can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if you’re looking for a variety of healthy options. It looks like Trailfoody has made that process very easy for hikers, however, by shipping tasty treats right to their door each month. To find out more, and subscribe to the service yourself, visit

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