Totally Random Tournament: Best sports movies

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March is upon us, which means the Madness is about to kick into full swing. And what better way to get in the mood for tourney season than to fill out completely arbitrary brackets?

Next up are the best sports movies of all-time. Now, we realize it's cruel to limit this category to only 16 movies, but to quote every athlete ever, it is what it is.

To whittle the field down, we used several movie review sites, including Yahoo Movies and, to find films that were both critically acclaimed and entertaining. We surely left out some of your favorites, but this is all subjective anyways, right? Be sure to vote on your favorite in each head-to-head matchup. Polling for each round will close at midnight ET each night.

For those keeping score at home, the first round saw plenty of mismatches. Polling went as follows: Major League 1,050, Raging Bull 435; Rocky 1,036, Friday Night Lights 209; Hoosiers 1,002, Miracle 431; Field of Dreams 834, The Natural 558; Rudy 797, Bad News Bears 339; Slap Shot 750, Brian's Song 675; Bull Durham 683, Karate Kid 505; Million Dollar Baby 668, 61* 545.

The second round went as follows: Major League 667, Slap Shot 219; Field of Dreams 450, Hoosiers 444; Rocky 582, Rudy 330; Bull Durham 562, Million Dollar Baby 298.

The third round went as follows: Major League 167, Field of Dreams 159; Rocky 229, Bull Durham 76.

The final round went as follows: Major League 287, Rocky 261.

Notable films that just missed the cut: Caddyshack, Remember the Titans, Moneyball, Chariots of Fire, 42, He Got Game, Jerry Maguire, League Of Their Own, The Longest Yard (original), Sandlot, Seabiscuit, Blind Side, Coach Carter, White Man Can't Jump, Talladega Nights, Happy Gilmore, Glory Road, Tin Cup, Mighty Ducks, Ali, Kingpin, Blue Chips, Space Jam.

If any omissions are especially egregious, take it as a personal affront and tell us how wrong we are in the comments section below. Thanks for voting!

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