John Tortorella hopes Blue Jackets listen to their crappy victory music

[Some NSFW content here]

The Columbus Blue Jackets are facing elimination on Tuesday night at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are up 3-0 in their first-round series.

Which means the rest of the playoffs could be without sound bytes from coach John Tortorella. Luckily, he painted a masterpiece in his game-day press conference.

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What, Mr. Tortorella, are you and your players thinking ahead of Game 4?

“You know what we’re thinking? And I just told them: I just want them to be able to put that god damn radio on after tonight’s game at 10 o’clock. That’s all we’re concerned about: To feel good about ourselves tonight, after this game. Then we’ll worry about what the odds are. We’re not even looking at a 3-0 … this team has played really well this year and has grown tremendously. I do not want them leaving tonight not enjoying a playoff win. And then we’ll talk about what we have to do.

“They play this crap for music when you come in after the game. I want them to be able to put that on and just jam with it. So they can feel good about themselves. Then we’ll decided how to approach the rest of the series from there.”

You can watch this comedy gold here:

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Later on in the press conference, Tortorella was asked about his goalie, Sergei Bobrovsky, and how important he is in avoiding a sweep.

“Your goaltender needs to be your best player. You see it all through the series throughout the League,” said Tortorella. “So if we’re going to put on that shit for music, Bob needs to be our best player tonight.”

The most delightfully quaint thing about all of this is Tortorella calling the Jackets’ Bluetooth speakers or whatever variety of MP3 player they use a “god damn radio.”

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