Torrey Smith dreams about zombies

Sarah Kogod

Maybe it's just a metaphor for Steelers defensive backs. The Ravens receiver talked to SB Nation's Sarah Kogod about his most recent nightmare, marriage and more.

When I ask them about the last dream hey had, most athletes tell me they can't remember. Some of them are definitely lying. But Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith fessed up about a recent nightmare that had him shook.

"I was getting chased by, I don't know if they were zombies or what, but I woke up sweating," he told me. "I was getting chased by something."

What made this dream particularly terrifying wasn't the zombies themselves, but that Smith's subconscious didn't see fit to arm him for battle.

"They were chasing me and I didn't have any weapons," he said, laughing. "It was real fear. When I woke up I felt tired, like I had been running."

Perhaps lay off the video games for a while, huh?

Here are a few more of Smith's last things, including a revealing one about his wife. He might want to grab some flowers on the way home today.

Torrey Smith, what was the last ...

Movie you saw

Heaven Is For Real. It was alright. It wasn't as good as everybody said it was.

Book you read

21 Irrefutable Law of Leadership. That and a marriage book. I got married last year. It's just to hear what other people think. I started more recreational reading after my rookie year because I felt like I wasn't doing anything since I was out of school and wasn't required to read anything. I'm trying to read a little more.

Thing you cooked

Burgers, chicken, shrimp, and steak. All on the grill.

Song you downloaded

Trey Songz Trigga album. That's my boy.

Person who made you laugh

My kid. He's hilarious. He can't talk - he's only four months - but his body language is funny.

Person you texted

My wife.

Thing you took a picture of

My wife sleeping. She's the worst sleeper you've ever seen in your life. The most unattractive sleeper you've ever seen. When she's peaceful, it don't look right. She knows she sleeps terrible. It was actually a picture of both her and my son sleeping. My son's mouth was wide open. They were both out.

Time you cried

I guess I could say my wedding. I fought it back, you know? I had tears, but I used Jedi mind tricks to not let 'em out.

Time you were scared

Probably those zombies chasing me in my dream.

Prank you pulled

I do pranks all the time, but the best one out of the last couple of months, my wife's sister tried to throw water on me and kept running. But her hair was all done and she was about to go out, so I couldn't get her back. So I waited for her to visit the house again. When I saw her pull up - I told her to come through the garage - and I waited in the garage with a whole bucket of water. I threw it right in her face as soon as the garage door opened.

Bug you killed

A june bug outside just now.

Website you visited

I guess Instagram and Twitter don't count, so Yahoo.