Top 2016 Colorado Football Moments: No. 10 First Half vs CSU

Brie Thomas, Staff
CU Sports Nation

Colorado came out to start the 2016 football season with a dominating performance against Colorado State in their season opener. The first half of the game the Buffs showed everyone in America what kind of season they were going to have. They piled on a whopping 31 points on the Rams in the first half and continued with that momentum for the rest of the season.

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Why was it important?

It is pretty evident that the first half of the Colorado State game set the tone for the rest of the 2016 football season. Colorado proved that they would have a great balance of offense and defense and could put together a complete game. The Buffs would continue with the momentum from the Colorado State game and would come out firing on all cylinders in their next two non-conference games. Not only did the first half of Colorado State game show the Buff's improvements but it also showed the kind of boom Colorado's defense would bring throughout the season.

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