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From the Tuscan coastline to the Great Barrier Reef, has compiled the best places to stay on a scuba diving vacation. Find a buddy and check in to one of the Top 10 Diving Hotels Around the World.

Bonne Terre Mine

While not a resort in the luxury sense of the word, Bonne Terre Mine is a truly unique diving destination. A former lead mine and now the largest freshwater dive resort on the planet, this National Historic Site is known as the Billion Gallon Lake and features 24 dive trails. Jacques Cousteau explored this underwater marvel, where divers can discover calcium falls, a former elevator shaft and mining artifacts such as scaffolding and ore carts. The depth of average dives (led by guides and safety divers) ranges between 40 to 60 feet, and year-round 100-foot visibility is enhanced with more than half a million watts of underwater lighting. The ultracasual Diver's Lodge offers on-site accommodation; those who prefer more in the way of ambience can stay at the 1909 Depot Bed & Breakfast in town.

Playa Ocotal, Guanacaste Province
Ocotal Beach Resort

Situated on the northern Pacific shore of Costa Rica overlooking the Papagayo Gulf, Ocotal features beachfront bungalows and guest rooms right on the sand. While the resort has everything you need for a relaxing escape (spa services, swimming pools, gorgeous scenery), the big draw here is the diving. As the country's first PADI Gold Palm Resort, this property offers PADI instructors, a fleet of five dive boats, night dives and daily dive trips to the Catalina and Bat Islands, as well as a dive shop with everything you need right on the beach. Among the possible underwater sightings: bull sharks, golden rays, giant manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins.

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