Tom Brady posts 'suspect board' in regard to missing Super Bowl jersey

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The investigation is ramping up. Tom Brady has compiled and posted a list of possible suspects in the missing Super Bowl jersey caper — a jersey, may we remind you, that is apparently worth a truckload of dough.

Brady’s list contains the names and photos of nearly a dozen potential jersey thieves, including one woman and one man who were verified previously to have been at NRG Stadium the night of Super Bowl LI.

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Have a look:

Yes, Brady is at it again. In case this quarterbacking thing doesn’t pan out, he has a future as someone’s social media director. We honestly had no idea that the publicly staid Brady could be this freaking amusing. Like, it’s legitimate funny, not just “oh, let’s politely laugh at the Robo QB’s attempts at humor” grade of unfunny.

Lady Gaga? Gangster Michael Scott? Courtroom sketch artist Brady? All LOL-caliber chortles. Still, no Roger Goodell on the list? We’re guessing there might be a franchise-wide, no-commissioner moratorium following New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia deplaning with that clown shirt.

But of course, there’s Julian Edelman — the Ben Affleck to Brady’s Matt Damon. (Or … is that the other way around?) Brady had to find a way to work in his little amazing-catch-making buddy.

The line in Brady’s post, of course, is from “Good Will Hunting,” and it’s one Brady and his teammates likely have repeated in the locker room a thousand times. As have we all.

(And, uh, a warning if you watch the clip: It does contain a bit of a bad word, if you’re opposed to hearing such things.)

We eat this stuff up. Yes, the stolen jersey is being listed as a first-class felony right now, given its perceived value. But Brady clearly isn’t sleeping on the crime-lab couch worried about it right now. No, Brady can just sit back, enjoy his gilded life and let the Texas Rangers keep their ears to the grindstone.

No, he’s just crafting up yet another strong effort on social media. We frankly never saw this late-career push coming. But then again, we didn’t think he would erase a 25-point deficit either.

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