Tom Brady on possibility of being traded: 'It could happen to anybody'

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The history of the New England Patriots can be broken down into two distinct phases: BTB – Before Tom Brady – and ATB – After Tom Brady. But Brady has been with the Patriots for 17 years, and has seen plenty of his high-profile teammates, from Lawyer Milloy to Richard Seymour to Logan Mankins to, this week, Jamie Collins, shipped elsewhere – and he knows he could be too someday.

Tom Brady in a different uniform? Seems unlikely, but he knows it’s possible. (AP)
Tom Brady in a different uniform? Seems unlikely, but he knows it’s possible. (AP)

During his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Brady was asked whether he’s ever considered that he could be traded, and the 39-year old four-time Super Bowl champion answered in the affirmative.

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“Yeah, absolutely. You can’t be around this long and not realize that the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you. That’s just the way it goes. I think you enjoy just the experiences that you have, but also understand that it just keeps going on. It could happen to anybody. You just have to show up to work, do the best you can do every day, and let your performance just try to speak for itself.”

Bay Area-born Brady grew up idolizing Joe Montana, and saw the 49ers legend traded to the Kansas City Chiefs toward the end of his career. Of course, San Francisco had Steve Young waiting in the wings.

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Now, it seems highly unlikely we’d ever see that come to pass, as we imagine Patriots owner Robert Kraft might actually fistfight Bill Belichick if the coach said he wanted to trade away the quarterback Kraft looks at like a son, but for the right price and in the right situation, Belichick would consider trading anyone.

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