Tom Brady: Feels Good About Mechanics Staff

Update: Brady feels good about his mechanics after working with former major league pitcher Tom House this offseason, reports. "Going into my 14th year, I have never had more confidence in how I am throwing the football," Brady noted. "I’ve never felt better throwing the football."

Recommendation: Despite all of his success, Brady is known as a hard worker, who is always trying to stay sharp and improve his craft. Prior to working with House, he was tutored for years by the late Tom Martinez. With no known injury concerns as the 2013 season approaches, and obvious confidence in his mechanics, Brady's biggest challenge in the coming months will be adjusting to a re-tooled wideout corps that now features Danny Amendola, who essentially replaced slot machine Wes Welker, as well as the likes of rookies Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce, who are looking to make an impact on the outside. Meanwhile, veterans Julian Edelman, Donald Jones, Michael Jenkins and Lavelle Hawkins will also jostle for positioning on the team's WR depth chart.