Tom Brady credits the Colts for his latest Super Bowl win

Nik Cline
Tom Brady
Tom Brady

If you are an Indianapolis Colts fan there is a 150 percent chance that you loathe Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Actually, there is a better chance that you cannot stand them.

For years Brady and the Patriots were the team Peyton Manning and the Colts could not get passed. They could dominate every team in the league and roll in the playoffs until they faced their rival.

That ended when the Colts finally, and brilliantly, came from behind to beat the Patriots in the 2006 AFC Championship game to reach their first Super Bowl. That is a moment growing up, that as a Colts fan I will never forget. I will always remember where I was when Marlin Jackson intercepted Tom Brady to seal that victory.

Those days are long gone, and Tom Brady just won his 5th Super Bowl with a dramatic come from behind victory. A victory, that in a recent interview with Peter King of SI he credited to Peyton Manning.

What exactly was Brady taking after Manning? The late 4th quarter throw to Chris Hogan that was thrown on a dime.

“It’s such a Peyton Manning type throw… I watched him for years and was in just such an amazement. He would throw it to Marvin or Reggie and they would cut their route off turn around, ball was in the air and they would catch it in stride for 15 or 18 yards. And I was like how the heck did they do that?”

That throw from Brady, Colts fans had seen before. For over 10 years. It looks like just another throw, but to place the ball like that was just another Manning throw. Something Brady had to learn how to do.

Colts fans might not want to hear this, but part of the Patriots latest Super Bowl win comes from them learning from the Colts.

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