Tom Allen Pleased With Progress As Spring Practice Winds Down

Sam Beishuizen, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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And just like that, spring football is nearly complete.

IU football head coach Tom Allen once again reported mostly positive takeaways from Saturday's final private scrimmage ahead of a simulated game week for the Hoosiers. Indiana will get back on the field for light work Tuesday before scrimmaging in the annual spring game at 7 p.m. Thursday at Memorial Stadium.

"It's been a great spring for us," Allen said.

Allen confirmed that Indiana will in fact play an actual game on Thursday instead of simply practicing in front of the public. In previous years under head coach Kevin Wilson, IU has tinkered with the spring format to incorporate fan interaction and downplay the importance of actually competing in a game-like scenario.

As has been hinted at on social media over the last week, the roster will be split into Cream and Crimson teams each to be coached by either offensive coordinator Mike DeBord or defensive line coach Mark Hagen.

Each team already has two players each who they signed as "free agents." Another 48 players will get drafted Sunday night before the rest fill out as free agent selections as well.

The rest of the IU Athletics staff will also be involved with either the Cream or the Crimson team.

As incentive, Allen said the winning team will get a steak dinner and that the losing team will have to serve them and eat hot dogs instead.

"It's a way for us to have a lot of fun with it," Allen said. "But we are going to have two complete teams. We're going to play a game here on Thursday night, so it should be a whole lot of fun."

In a brief update on his team's health, Allen said that the guys who were previously injured are still hurt and that no other serious injuries have emerged.


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