Would the Titans pickup that player

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Brian Moore
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Free agency not so glorious for the Titans
Free agency not so glorious for the Titans

Would the Titans pickup that player

Aside from the playful Mariota comments from yesterday(thank you), my inbox today is basically would the Titans pickup anyone and everyone that was cut, released, not franchised, etc.

First off, the context is everything. How old? When? How much? Big need? Good players at that spot in the draft? Do they need a veteran presence? Good guy? Bad guy? Familiar with the system? in some situations, being from the area can hold a smidge of weight. All of these variables amount to significant consideration. I’m not digging in that deep today- just cursory answers or predictions.

Darrelle Revis- I think he might be expensive, even switching to safety. He got into some trouble the team would have to look into. With their young cornerbacks and whomever they draft, Revis as a backup safety could be a wonderful guy to have around the youngsters. I doubt he wants to be a backup. I think the switch to safety is so he can still start. Doubtful, but I would give it a hmmmm

Jason Pierre Paul- No, they won’t give up two firsts for him.


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Adrian Peterson- Will he be OK with being a backup? And cheap? Last year, I did not expect Andre Johnson to sign. There wasn’t really a need for him, but they had a chance to have a future hall-of-famer teach their young players and show them how it’s done. In that context, sure give Derrick Henry another talented back to learn from. I really don’t see it though.

Jamaal Charles- Old, injured, NO.

A trade for either Jet defensive lineman- Too expensive, no.

Andrew Hawkins- YES! I could see this. Absolutely. He is almost exactly what Coach Mularkey wanted out of Kendall Wright. He is a speedy lil bugger that can be a pain to cover in the slot. He won’t be expensive. He doesn’t command a lot of playing time and is fine with a part-time role. There’s some nice nice quotes about him, where he seems to be a genuine good guy. Hawkins put out a real cool workout video that circulated social media a couple years ago. He could stop on a dime and was so cat-quick. He isn’t that guy on the field. The game isn’t a drill. I am discussing him as a 20-25 catch guy with 250 yards receiving-Mularkey’s usual slot WR role.

Zak DeOssie- I don’t think he was ever available. The Titans are totally set at long snapper. For what it’s worth, DeOssie about inherited his dad’s position and it was a pretty cool story many years ago. Anyhow, no.

Nick Mangold- A strong no with some sort of “well we won’t turn a good lineman away” caveat. If he became reasonably priced, I imagine every team would be interested in him as a starter/backup. He’s a very good player.

Geno Smith- I think he’ll be done with football. I think he lost “it.” I will come back to this.

“That guy from Buffalo”- Matt I knew exactly who you meant. That’s my name for him too. E.J. Manuel impressed me as a rookie. Somewhere midway through the first season, he never looked the same again. Smith I would describe similarly. I think their confidence is done, so they are done. The Titans could watch tape, ask around, interview etc and feel like one of them could be a backup. In general, I would say no. They will need camp arms. With a total of zero healthy quarterbacks on the roster right now, maybe JRob’s arm could be twisted to give one of them a chance in camp. “Camp arms” really changes the context.

Eddie Lacy- NO! Prior reports of laziness, besides the position well-manned.

Jack Doyle- Third or fourth time this offseason- YES! Cmon back! He is a former Titan and has friends on the team still. I think he is about what they are looking for at tight end too.

Eric Berry- He signed with the Chiefs.

Dont’a Hightower- I don’t know. He will be expensive, but would fill a hole in the defense. There are two impressive rookies available in most mock drafts, right where the Titans pick. It would be Robinson’s “big move,” but I would expect Mularkey and Dick Lebeau to be well-involved too. It’s a sizable addition, a sizable gamble if it doesn’t work out, and a sizable cap hit. I can’t call that one. If I had to, I’d say Reuben Foster. It’s safer for a young GM.

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