Tiger Woods Tried To Creep Into The U.S. Team Photo, But Was Kindly Kicked Out


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Tiger Woods on the golf course, and even longer since he did anything worth noting on one. Though he’s far from the revered figure he once was, we have to admit that we miss his presence a little bit. That’s why it’s good to see him stepping back into the public eye for a little bit as an assistant captain of Team USA at the Ryder Cup. From the looks of things, though, he’s a little rusty on that whole “being in front of a camera” thing.

As assistant captain, Woods won’t actually be playing — he’s still recovering from the series of debilitating back injuries that have held him out of golf since August of 2015 — but gosh darn it, he still feels like he’s part of the team. So there he was, standing for the team photo, when the photographers had to gently remind him that this photo is of players only, sir.

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Who knows when we’ll see Tiger on a golf course again in a playing capacity, or if he’ll ever challenge for major titles again. Here’s hoping that if his skills never return, his awkwardness never leaves.

(H/t SB Nation)

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