Thursday Practice Notes

Courtney Roland, Editor
Aggie Yell

Another beautiful day in Aggieland for some football. Although, it was probably the windiest it's ever been at a practice.

The team was in full pads, and back to watch the Ag's was Trevor Knight. Knight was encouraging and lifting up the team as if he were still out there running the offense.

The media saw a little more today compared to Tuesday's practice; stretch, special teams and the two minute hurry up drill (the offense against air).

As far as the quarterbacks go Jake Hubenak lead the first team down the field--the play calling consisted of two passes and one hand off. The second team was lead by Nick Starkel who drove the offense into the endzone, with again, two passes and one hand off. The third team was lead by Kellen Mond; the play calling for Mond consisted of more handoffs than throws. It seemed like the coaches were wanting the third team to move at a faster pace than what they performed. It is clear that they are pushing Mond and throwing him into different situations, and setting the bar high early on--expecting speed and accurate passing right off the bat.

Starkel definitely handled the windy conditions the best. He adjusted well and looked smooth. The other quarterbacks struggled a little more with the wind and making accurate passes. During warmups as the quarterbacks were throwing into the target nets there were a lot of balls that did not hit he bullseye of the net. At the end of the day it wasn't anything huge and to be worried about, unless of course it becomes a problem every day and beyond warmups.

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