Thursday Update

Larry Williams, Senior Writer
Tiger Illustrated

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-- A few more reflections on Hunter Johnson and the quarterback race:

While you might think the offensive coaching staff has reason to be nervous about life after Deshaun Watson, they seem quite at ease and confident that whoever emerges is going to be a real weapon for this offense.

"A lot of people say that if you don't have a starter named permanently then you don't have a quarterback and that's baloney," Dabo Swinney said after Wednesday's scrimmage. "Our problem is that we've got some good ones. It's like you've got Mike Williams and DeAndre Hopkins and you've got to pick which one to start or who's going to run out there first. Well you know what, they're pretty good and the quarterback position doesn't get the same respect."

Johnson was the big theme from yesterday, as everyone came away impressed with the early-enrolled freshman's ability to calmly pilot the offense with few signs of youthful jitters.


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