Thursday Update

Larry Williams, Senior Writer
Tiger Illustrated

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-- Regardless of who wins the quarterback job, this offense is going to continue using the quarterback's legs as a weapon.

That's not exactly breaking news, but there perhaps is a notion out there that's developed after Deshaun Watson that the offense is going to feature less of the dual-threat dynamic than we saw the past two seasons.

While it's quite possible that Watson's successors will not be as deadly as he was using his feet to complement his arm, there's zero indication that the coaching staff is going to make a material shift away from the zone-read, RPO facets that have helped make this offense so lethal.


While everyone knows Kelly Bryant is a major threat with his legs, Zerrick Cooper is a lesser-known commodity in that department. After all, Cooper himself has said he's more of a pocket passer than a dual-threat guy.

That said, so far during spring practice Cooper has shown he's adept at making things happen with his legs. The biggest "wow" factor comes from his strong arm, but he's far from a statue back there. He's made some impressive plays on the run, though he still has a lot to learn.

And as we noted last week, Hunter Johnson has been able to extend some drives with pocket improvisation that turned into big gains on the ground.

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