Throwing Darts: Denver, back in business

Off a winning week (oh, the miracles), let's find something good in Week 16.

Broncos -10.5 at Texans: Rested team, indoor conditions, this has get-back written all over it. I'll be surprised if Broncos don't go for 35-plus. Matt Schaub has no confidence throwing outside the numbers, or to the deep portions of the field.

Colts +6.5 at Chiefs: Gut feel says both teams take a conservative tack here, and that helps the underdog. The Arrowhead effect doesn't seem as powerful these days.

Jaguars +5 vs. Titans: My numbers had this game close to a pick. Jaguars have circled wagons nicely in second half.

Patriots +2.5 at Ravens: A nod towards a coaching staff and an extra day of rest.

Panthers -3 vs. Saints: Everyone knows about the home/road splits with the Saints. Carolina also needs the game more; when in doubt, take a talented but desperate team, especially when the number is modest.

-- Last Week: 3-2

-- Season: 26-47-2

-- Previous Three Seasons: Very good, but no one cares

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