Thompson and the Front Office’s Offseason Apathy are Holding Green Bay Back

Patrick Backlas

Year after year Green Bay Packers fans groan at the lack of impactful signings made by their front office. General Manager Ted Thompson’s philosophy on free agency is well known by now. Simply, don’t worry about making any major moves, let Aaron Rodger’s talent handle it.

In Thompson’s defense, however, the Packer’s build most of their depth through the draft. The Packers even do a good job at keeping drafted players around.

Sooner or later though this will come back to bite them. At 34 Rodgers is getting older, not old mind you but older. Rodgers is certainly one of the best quarterbacks going and, with a late start to his professional career behind the great Brett Farve, he still has relatively young legs.

Regardless of Rodgers seemingly timeless youth and overall talent, all great players have to retire, see Manning, Peyton. When this time comes, the Packer’s unwillingness to pay the extra dollar, or more realistically million, could lead to the team’s eventual collapse if it doesn’t happen sooner.

The Packer’s have two incredible assets in Rodgers and McCarthy but, outside of the dynamic duo, they can be threadbare at best.

The secondary is the most glaring issue, exhibit A being the NFC Championship loss to the Atlanta Falcons. In fact, the defense as a whole, despite mediocre patches with defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois, is looking startlingly weak.

Even on the offensive side of the ball the Packer’s look shaky. Of course, the Packers have Rodgers and he is certainly a nice safety blanket, but a Super Bowl bound Packer’s team needs weapons outside of Rodgers, good as he is. The Packer’s answered a lack of offensive weapons by bringing back running back Christine Michael. This move begs the question of what role will Michael serve next year. Will he once again back up receiver-turned-runner Ty Montgomery? Will Montgomery assume his former role as a receiver allowing Michael the starting back role? The point is: outside of Rodgers and the passing game, the Packers offense is filled with questions.

This is where Ted Thompson and the front office need to step in. With a mediocre backfield and an even worse defense, the Packers need to make some moves. Sure the front office can rely on the draft again this year, which they will likely do, but soon it will not be enough.

— Patrick Backlas covers the Green Bay Packers as a columnist for cover32 Packers. Connect and follow on Twitter @PatrickBacklas

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