This is the best Usain Bolt picture that's ever been taken

Bolt embed
Bolt embed

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Ali standing over Liston. Jordan taking off from the free throw line. Pete Rose diving into third.

And now Usain Bolt caught in his natural state, grinning back at the competition he so easily bested during Sunday’s 100-meter semifinal at the Olympics down in Rio.

When all future “best sports photos ever” galleries are compiled, it’s likely to include the one of the Jamaican sprinter that tore up the internet Sunday night. Snapped by Getty Images photographer Cameron Spencer, it perfectly represents the domination that has made Bolt one of history’s most iconic athletes.

Legs ablur, perfect stride, confident smile … it’s just a perfect moment captured in time. And given the feedback from everyone who’s seen it, you might even say that Spencer is right to feel like the Usain Bolt of photographers right about now.

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