The Vertical Podcast with Woj: Inside the modern NBA front office with Warriors GM Bob Myers

The Vertical
Yahoo Sports

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers, the 2015 NBA Executive of the year and architect of the defending champions, joins The Vertical editor Adrian Wojnarowski on the second episode of The Vertical Podcast.

The Vertical website, the web hub for NBA news, information and storytelling, will launch in early 2016 on Yahoo Sports.

In a candid, wide-ranging interview, Myers discusses the construction of the Warriors’ championship core and his own improbable path from a UCLA walk-on and NBA player agent to the top basketball executive of the Warriors. Myers details the role and life of the modern GM, how relationships and deals are struck between rival executives and how he wishes there was more camaraderie between organizations in the sometimes ruthless engagement of front-office work.

In The Vertical Podcast’s Insider Segment, Bobby Marks joins Woj to discuss his transition from 20-year front-office executive with the Brooklyn Nets to the new front-office insider for The Vertical. Marks and Woj will also detail the issues surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls.

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