The Vertical Podcast with Woj: Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas

The Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas, one of the NBA’s most charismatic and talented young guards, joins Adrian Wojnarowski in studio on Episode 4 of The Vertical Podcast.

In a candid, wide-ranging interview, Thomas delves into the drive it took to reach the NBA as a 5-foot-9 player; the revelatory conversation he had with his idol, Kobe Bryant, this season; his early days with the dysfunctional Sacramento Kings and DeMarcus Cousins; why the Goran Dragic-Eric Bledsoe-Thomas partnership didn’t last a full season in Phoenix; and what the elder Isiah Thomas told his young namesake after the Suns traded Isaiah to the Celtics.

In the Insider Segment,’s Jonathan Givony of The Vertical, operator of the preeminent player evaluation website, joins Woj to discuss everything from potential No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons of LSU to the painstaking process of evaluating and projecting young players' professional futures.

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