The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick: Steve Nash

Two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Steve Nash joins Los Angeles Clippers guard JJ Redick for a revealing conversation on The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick.

Redick’s teammate with the Clippers, Jamal Crawford, jumps on the podcast for an entertaining segment on trying to judge current and former star players in a historical context.

For the first time, Nash lays out his potential interest in the head-coaching vacancy with the Phoenix Suns, as well as the possibility of holding a role with the organization in the future.

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Some other topics and the time where you can find them:
5:00: JJ’s All-Star Weekend three-point contest strategy and plan.
7:45: Nash lays out his potential interest in coaching and working for the Suns.
10:00: Nash describes the emptiness of his post-playing professional life.
13:20: Why Nash is almost never moved to shoot a basketball anymore.
16:20: How Nash sees Steph Curry as a byproduct of his own game.
18:40: The evolution of the NBA point guard position.
26:10: Nash’s favorite NBA teammates.
27:25: The best shooter Nash ever played with.
29:30: Nash’s top four all-time point guards.
31:33: JJ’s top four all-time point guards.
37:15: Jamal Crawford’s top four all-time point guards.
40:35: The problem with comparing pre-ABA/NBA merger players to today’s stars.
43:05: The importance of championships in judging point guards.

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