The top 10 greatest experiences in baseball

Dan Fost

As the major league teams hit the road for the start of another baseball season, many fans are also ready to embark on their own baseball road trips. America's favorite pastime offers a great lens through which you can see the country.

While most recommended road trips will take you to major and minor league stadiums, we offer another kind of tour: businesses and nonprofit ventures that give you a different window on the game. If you time your visit to these places right, you will never be too far from a ballgame.

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First up is the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse in New York.

It's the kind of tiny treasure that you can only find in Manhattan. Tucked in a landmark Greenwich Village building, the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse is dedicated to the notion that – never mind soccer – baseball is truly the beautiful game.

Bergino makes baseballs – beautiful baseballs. At Bergino (named for Jay Goldberg and his founding partner, creative director Tony Palladino), you can buy leather baseballs embossed with the U.S. Constitution, holiday decorations, The New York Times crossword puzzle, and maps of great baseball cities like Boston, Chicago … and Jerusalem? Bergino baseballs come in colors and camouflage and even suede; they tout messages, like "Believe," "Love," "Peace" and even "It's a Boy" (or girl).

And the clubhouse offers so much more – cuff links, pens and wallets made from game-used major league baseballs and vintage ballpark seats; rare, one-of-a-kind items; original baseball-themed pieces from premier artists and framed vintage magazines.

Even if you don't want to buy anything, take a seat on the wood bleachers and watch whatever game or baseball program is on television. You will feel yourself a part of the pastime.

So, what are some of the other greatest attractions in baseball?

The list:

Field of Dreams movie site (Dyersville, Iowa)
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Kansas City, Mo.)
Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum (Louisville, Ky.)
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown, N.Y.)
Ty Cobb Museum (Royston, Ga.)
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