The Olympic torch stumble you can't stop watching

Adam Stites
A runner carries the Olympic torch as security and onlookers follow. (Getty Images)
A runner carries the Olympic torch as security and onlookers follow. (Getty Images)

The Olympic torch has already been dropped a couple times en route to Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, but the latest torchbearer to take a tumble was taught an instant lesson in showboating.


At first glance, it looks like those around him are trying to jump over him to avoid him. But a closer look reveals a whole group of people preparing to jump before the torchbearer goes down.

Was the goal to create a good Instagram post? The world may never know.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone was more worried about a photo op with the Olympic torch:

During the Olympic torch’s travels in Brazil, it has survived many trials and tribulations:

June 1: Former Brazilian swimmer and coach João Reinaldo Costa Lima Neto, better known as Nikita, stepped in a hole in the pavement and fell. He dropped the torch, but got back to his feet quickly.

June 22: An Amazon jaguar named Juma was shot dead shortly after its participation in a torch lighting ceremony.

June 23: A group of protesters blocked the planned path of the torch, forcing a detour.

June 26: A man was arrested for attempting to throw a bucket of water on the flame, although he missed the torch and only doused the torchbearer.

July 4: A five-car crash occurred when a driver attempted to slow to take a photo of the torch.

July 13: A man attempted to put out the flame with a fire extinguisher but was quickly tackled by security before he had the chance.

July 19: A local businesswoman, Luiza Helena Trajano, stumbled and fell with the flame. She also dropped the torch, but got back to her feet and finished the leg of the relay.