The Oakland A's take a jab at President Trump about crowd sizes

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The Oakland A’s — already having defeated ’90s rock band Smash Mouth in a Twitter war last October — have now taken aim at the newly inaugurated president of these United States. Meaning, there’s no one-hit wonder or reality TV star of which @athletics is afraid.

The A’s held their annual FanFest on Saturday in Oakland and their crowd estimate might have used some, ahem, alternative facts.

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A week later, but still a solid joke if we at The Stew say so ourselves. A’s relief pitcher Sean Doolittle — one of the most socially conscious guys in the game — also took a jab at Trump:

Stomper vs. Trump? (Getty Images)
Stomper vs. Trump? (Getty Images)

There was no official Twitter response from the president. His usual early-morning angry tweets were aimed at the New York Times. But if Trump had fired back at the A’s, we *imagine* it would have gone something like this:

(Big League Stew)
(Big League Stew)
(Big League Stew)
(Big League Stew)

Of course, the stick-to-sports crowd predictably got mad at the A’s so the president didn’t have to:

We’re pretty sure Trump knows the difference between your and you’re, but you get the point.

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