WWE's The Miz: From 'The Real World' to Wrestlemania … And Back Again

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Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin


Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin

Sunday evening, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin will square off against Wade Barrett during Wrestlemania 29, but many of us remember him best as squaring off against roommate Coral and fantasizing about being a pro-wrestler during the 10th season of "The Real World."

In other words, sometimes pipe dreams can become a reality.

We caught up with The Miz on Thursday evening, where he was taking a break from preparing for battle to celebrate a good cause, namely WWE's Superstars for Sandy charity auction. The 32-year-old from outside Cleveland, Ohio, is the first to admit to being surprised at his own success.

"The only reason I'm a WWE Superstar is because I was on 'The Real World," he told Yahoo! TV. "It wasn't supposed to happen. Dreams are meant to be as you sleep, you dream, and then you think about it – it's not supposed to actually happen. But it's happened for me and I've been very fortunate."

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However, one element that some fans may find unfortunate about the success of The Miz's wrestling career is the fact that he won't be appearing on any more seasons of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge." Well, at least not as a competitor.

"Bunim-Murray always calls me up to do 'Challenges' but WWE has me on a such a hard schedule that I don't have time for it," he admitted. "But then they're like, 'Well, listen, do you want to host any reunion shows?' … Those were so much fun, but now that I host the reunion shows, I thank God I don't do them anymore. I don't want anything to do with that drama!"

So, is there anything he misses about "The Challenge?"

"I miss the physical challenges and I miss the friendships, but I do not miss the drama," he said, admitting that his favorite season is still "The Inferno 2," which he won.

As for the players, The Miz still loves seeing two in particular.

"I always like CT [Tamburello]. He's always a great character on those shows. And Mark Long – the first 'Road Ruler' ever – and now he's still doing 'Challenges' even to this day. It's pretty incredible. He's like 40! He looks better than them all too. Everyone else is out of shape – he's the only one in shape."

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"Real World" fans and wrestling fans can unite in front of televisions to cheer on The Miz on Sunday evening at 7 PM ET live on Pay Per View. They can also help raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief by bidding on The Miz-related items (as well as plenty of other drool-worthy celebrity experiences) between now and April 9 on the Superstars for Sandy auction website.

See The Miz in action:

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