'The Little Couple' Shops for Stroller, Should Buy Two [Exclusive Video]

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Picking out the perfect stroller for a first child is not an easy task for anyone; there are so many options! It's particularly challenging for Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold of TLC's "The Little Couple," who recently adopted 3-year-old William from China. Not only do they have to find a stroller that suits their tastes, they need one that's functional for their stature.

While they're at it, they should probably pick up two! News recently broke that "The Little Couple's" little family is not going to be so little anymore. Klein and Arnold just revealed to People that they are adopting a 19-month-old girl with dwarfism from India, whom they've named Zoey. Congrats!

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In this exclusive sneak peek at tonight's episode, Klein and Arnold are testing out a few stroller options for William -- some of which are cumbersome for 3-foot-2-inch Arnold, in particular. "We need to look at it from the perspective of, if I'm not around, can Jennifer unfold it and get our son into the stroller? We pride ourselves on independence," Klein said.

Even while trying to work the stroller's tricky mechanisms (they're hard for anyone, regardless of height!), these two lovebirds can't help but crack up. "Now if this was at the park, I'd probably have already peed in my pants," Klein jokes.

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The good news is that they find one that works for them, and it will only require slight modifications. "Everything that we do always needs a little tweak. Once we get that far, piece of cake," Klein adds.

Watch "The Little Couple" prep for baby on Tuesday, 5/7 at 10 PM on TLC.

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