The BDL Power Rankings v1.0, where the Utah Jazz are reaching a crescendo

We’re seven weeks into the NBA season, about when teams are starting to take form after incorporating offseason free-agent signings, coaching hires and trade acquisitions, so it’s about time we rolled out our first edition of Power Rankings for 2016-17. These are, of course, indisputable.

You’ll find the usual suspects atop our rankings, as all four returning conference finalists remain in the top five, but the biggest surprise among the league’s heavy hitters might be the Utah Jazz at No. 6. Their 15-10 record might not knock you over, but they’re one of just four teams in the top 10 for both offensive and defensive rating, joining the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs in that regard — despite being hit harder by the injury bug than any other team. Gordon Hayward, George Hill and Derrick Favors have all missed significant time, but when even two of those guys are in the starting lineup, the Jazz are 10-3, with wins over the Spurs and Houston Rockets.

The biggest shakeup is at the bottom, though, where a pair of traditional challengers — the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks — are sinking ships. For the full rankings, check out the video above.

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