‘That’s Jason Bourne’ Meme Becomes Possibly More Popular Than the Movie That Spawned It

Will Lerner

When it was announced that Matt Damon would be returning as Jason Bourne in Jason Bourne, a lot of people got excited. But then, the movie came out and the overall reception to it was “meh.”

It got mediocre reviews and spent only one weekend on top of the box office.

Even though Jason Bourne itself might not have been that inspiring, a meme that came out of it sure is. It all comes from a prominent moment in the movie’s trailer when Ato Essandoh’s character, Craig Jeffers, sees something unbelievable — an appearance of the movie’s titular character. “Jesus Christ, that’s Jason Bourne,” he says.

The way the meme works is you take a silly clip and then tack on that moment from Jason Bourne. So now that we’ve properly explained it to the point where young people will be annoyed and think it’s no longer cool, make sure you watch five of our favorites we spotted online in the video above this very blog.

John Krasinski Blames Chris Hemsworth for Why He’s Not Captain America:

Essandoh has been into it — he’s already shared one compilation of it. But enough about that guy. Here’s my question — are you into it? We need to let the kids know if we like their meme or not. Tell us what you think. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or leave your comments below. And check out our host, Khail Anonymous, on Twitter.

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