Texas teen gets NFL cheerleader for prom date

HOUSTON (AP) -- It took 10,000 retweets but a Houston-area teenager got his dream date for the high school prom: A Houston Texans cheerleader.

Seventeen-year-old Michael Ramirez, a Crosby High School senior, asked cheerleader Caitlyn on Twitter if she would be his prom date if he could get 10,000 retweets. She responded, ''Of course I will,'' and within 24 hours, it was a done deal.

Ramirez's proposal - ''10,000 Retweets and I'll be taking a texans cheerleader to prom'' - hit 10,000 on Friday. Caitlyn says she is looking forward to the prom; the team does not release full names of its cheerleaders.

Ramirez told the Houston Chronicle (http://bit.ly/1jJvS54 ) his mother tweeted to the 19-year-old cheerleader that her baby was ''so excited.''

He joked: ''I was just, like, 'Mom, can you just stop?'''