Texas has a handy chart for urine color (Photo)

Tom Herman is serious about hydration. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Tom Herman is serious about hydration. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The Texas football program takes hydration very seriously.

Very, very seriously.

In fact, you’ll be reminded of your hydration level whenever you go to the bathroom at the football facility with this handy chart spotted by Orangebloods.com’s Anwar Richardson:

OK so Tom Herman clearly wants his players to drink a lot of water. That much we know (he expects his players to carry around a gallon of water at all times). But if your urine has even a questionable tint to it, UT jumps straight to the personal insults and guilt trips. Not only are you letting your teammates down, you’re a “bad guy” or are “headed to area 51” (whatever that means). Sad!

On a serious note, if your urine is anywhere near level eight on the chart, you should probably seek medical attention. Perhaps Texas should add that to its chart.

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