Texans Lethal Receptions: Houston’s Receiving Threats

James Mastrucci
Deandre Hopkins Houston Texans
Deandre Hopkins Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have invested heavily in their wide receivers and it shows, they are quite talented. With above average play from the quarterback position, they have the potential to be match-up nightmares for their opponents.

DeAndre Hopkins is the number one wide receiver on the roster. He’s a big, physical receiver and still has the ability to create separation from defenders. Even with sub-par play from the quarterback position last season, Hopkins was still able to put up impressive numbers. 78 receptions for 954 yard and four touchdowns. It is expected for him to have a rebound season this year as long as the quarterback play is at least average. With average quarterback play he is still one of the best receivers in the NFL.

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Will Fuller, a rookie last season, showed flashes of potential with 47 receptions for 635 yard and two touchdowns. He is expected to grow from last season and put up legitimate secondary wide receiver numbers. For the Texans offense to reach it’s full potential this season, he will have to step up and be a difference maker in the passing game. Fuller has the skills to do it, it is just about harnessing everything and putting it together.


Jaelen Strong has been a relative disappointment since arriving in Houston. Playing in 18 total games while only starting three. His combined numbers in his first two season in the league are not impressive whatsoever. 28 total receptions, 292 yards and three touchdowns, all three touchdowns came in his rookie season. At this point, one would have to believe the Texans coaching staff has seen everything Strong has to offer and attempting to figure out where his future lies with the team. If Strong wants to continue playing in Houston, he will have to have a breakout season. If not, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he stays on the Texans roster.

Braxton Miller didn’t see the field often as a rookie last season, but when he did, he put up numbers comparable to Strong. 15 receptions for 99 yards and one touchdown. Miller showed off his potential as a receiver in his final season at Ohio State. He has elite athleticism, speed and agility. Miller possesses a skill set similar to Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin. With strong running backs, he doesn’t project to be used in the running game. He could be used on screen passes or short routes where other receivers run a clear out pattern creating space for him to catch and find space. Expect a breakout campaign for Miller in his sophomore season.

There are two more receivers on the roster, Wendell Williams and Keith Mumphrey. Mumphrey hasn’t played much, was used as a return man as a rookie but not this past season. Williams hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL yet. If either receiver makes the roster this season, expectations are low in the production department. With the talent of the other receivers on the roster, the role they will play is that of injury replacement or roster filler.

With a more stable quarterback situation this season, the Texans wide receivers should exceed the numbers from last season. Whether Watson, Weeden or Savage is the starter, they are all a better option than current Browns quarterback Brock Osweiler. As long as the quarterbacks avoid the injury bug, or the coaching staff doesn’t hit the panic button and play quarterback roulette, the Texans receivers and offense are poised for a big season.

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