Ten players I hate more than you

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You spend a month of your life bunkered down on football research and trust me, some bad feelings creep to the surface. We take the hit during the spring so you don't have to.

Here are 10 players I hate more than you …

Marques Colston(notes) – The Saints offense is all about throwing to the open man, not forcing the ball to a dedicated No. 1. And now he's coming off microfracture surgery in his knee.

Donovan McNabb(notes) – Never a safe bet for a full season, he's no longer interested in running much, and that completion percentage makes me nervous. You almost have to treat his 2008 line as a pesudo-career year; someone is going to overpay for it.

Jonathan Stewart(notes) – He's still a No. 2 back, he's got no utility in the passing game, and DeAngelo Williams(notes) is more legitimate than a lot of people accept. Stewart will get his share of reps, but he's not going to overthrow the starter here. A mysterious spring ankle injury doesn't help the cause.

Donald Brown(notes) – It's not that I don't like the player, it's the price. Don't look for the Colts to throw Joseph Addai(notes) to the curb right away.

Jeremy Shockey(notes) – If you can't be relevant in a Drew Brees(notes)-Sean Payton offense, you don't exist. Zero touchdowns, J-Shock? You should be ashamed.

LenDale White(notes) – Don't chase last year's touchdown total, and don't believe the offseason weight hype – he'll be buffaloed by the buffet fairly soon.

Kellen Winslow(notes) – Don't trust the health, don't like the scheme change, and what Tampa Bay quarterback can we feel good about? Motivation only goes so far.

Reggie Bush(notes) – Really, it's nothing against the Saints, there will be plenty of fantasy goodness here. But Bush can't be trusted between the tackles, and the Saints know he's not ideally suited for heavy touches.

Antonio Bryant(notes) – It's hard to let go of what he heroically posted during the fantasy playoff season (only DeAngelo Williams was more central to league titles), but we can't ignore Bryant's checkered history, and again, I have no faith in the Bucs quarterback setup.

Willis McGahee(notes) – Explosion is gone, young backs look more appealing for the meaty roles (Le'Ron McClain(notes) at the goal line, Ray Rice(notes) out of the spread offense). A shame McGahee wasn't blessed with better luck and healthier knees.

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