Take the Rio Olympics weird sports logos quiz! (Video)

Fourth-Place Medal

RIO DE JANEIRO – The Rio Olympics have dozens of different sports. They also have hundreds of thousands of different sports fans coming to watch the Summer Games from all different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

In order to communicate which sport is being held in which arena – and, let’s face it, to sell a metric ton of sports-specific gear – the IOC has created artistic renderings of different sports that adorn everything to arenas to shirts to beer cups.

One problem: Some of the logos are so abstract that they’re indecipherable. Unless equestrian eventing really does resemble some weird deep-sea fishing from a sailboat.


So we ventured out into the Olympic Park to quiz fans on some of these logos, and then decided to quiz a former Olympian about them as well.


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Listen to Yahoo Sports’ Greg Wyshynski podcast from Rio on GRANDSTANDING, featuring Olympians and NBC cultural correspondents Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski! 

Live from Rio: Tara & Johnny Q & A, green fart water, and more:

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