Matthew Pouliot

With the Cardinals offense sputtering, Oscar Taveras's name has been on the lips of many. It's understandable, given that we've been awaiting his arrival for over a year now. Beset by an ankle injury, he was limited to 46 games in Triple-A last year and never did get a chance to make his major league debut. He continued to have issues with the ankle this spring, but he has been healthy enough to play in 20 games in Triple-A this year and hit .303/.354/.474 with three homers and 12 RBI in 76 at-bats.

So, is now the time to pick him up in mixed leagues? I don't think so.

For starters, the Cardinals are far from desperate. They're 13-12 even in their collective funk, and they know they're going to hit. Allen Craig is much better than this. Kolten Wong looked terrific this spring, and I'm confident he'll snap out of it. Jhonny Peralta and Matt Holliday haven't been quite as bad, but they're not playing to their ability, either.

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