Syamsul Yusof to continue doing movie stunts on his own

Syamsul to not quit even after recently injuring his shoulder during filming

His injuries would not force him to quit, instead it would act as a motivation.

25 Nov – Malay actor Syamsul Yusof said that he would continue performing his own stunt in movies even after he recently broke his shoulder while acting out an action scene from his upcoming film "Makrifat Cinta."

Speaking to Kosmo! He said "To be honest, I previously did many action sequences but never got myself badly injured, but this time the unexpected happened."

"As an artist, I think that scenes like this should not break our acting spirit or develop a sense of fear in us as it might affect our acting performance," added Syamsul.

Meanwhile, when asked on why the film crew did not use proper paddings and mattress to absorb the shock of the fall , the "KL Gangster 2" actor explained that it would distraught the camera angle and the overall quality of the stunt.

In fact, he also decided on it on his own as it will reduce the cost of the movie as the cost for stunt double and CGI effects can be cut down.

The "Desolasi" actor also claimed that his injury did not halt the filming process of the movie, as co-incidentally the scene after that needed him to wear an arm sling.

"Makrifat Cinta" is a romantic film that is directed by Kamal G that co-stars Nabila Huda, Adi Putra and Puteri Balqis.

(Photo Source: Syamsul Yusof Instagram)