Super Bowl LI: Best and Worst of the Commercials

Let us go ahead and admit that gone are the days when Super Bowl commercials made a drastic imprint on our culture. When is the last time we felt something like the greatness of Apple Macintosh’s 1984 commercial or the epic bouts of the Bud Bowl? Maybe that is not fair. Those advertisements were from a time when there was no social media and our culture was not so entranced on minute-long impulses. Still, for advertisers to pay five million dollars for a 30-second spot, one would expect more. Of course, after paying all that money for the space, maybe there is little money left to create a great ad.

That said, the commercials of Super Bowl LI had a share of memorable advertisements that lived up to their time slot, while others disappointed, falling flat and were nothing more than wasted potential.


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The Best

Snickers Live Commercial

Live ads can be iffy, but this struck the right tone of cheesiness and being tongue-in-cheek. Plus, Adam Driver; a superstar in the making.

84 Lumber’s “Wall”

Obviously there were political overtones to this commercial. In fact, FOX (no stranger to liking the conservative side of things) would have preferred no part of running this ad. This is the entire bit. The ad is well-made and well-written, no matter what one thinks of its “politics.”

Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way”

Another immigration story. This one involves a German. One might have felt Tarantino could have shot this, if only the ad were violent. Great one-minute story.

Kia, “Hero’s Journey”

Because sometimes you just have to have a laugh…

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