The Sunday Times of London plans to sue Armstrong

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The Sunday Times of London reported in an article that it is suing Lance Armstrong for about $1.6 million regarding his 2004 libel action against the newspaper.
Armstrong sued the newspaper after it questioned whether he had been cheating while competing as a cyclist. The case was settled, with the newspaper paying 300,000 pounds (about $483,000) in Armstrong's legal fees.
Since then, an United States Anti-Doping Agency investigation found Armstrong had participated in a massive doping program, and he was stripped of his Tour de France titles.
As a result, The Sunday Times is suing to get its settlement payment returned, plus interest, in addition to its costs for defending the case.
"The total claim is likely to exceed 1 million pounds ($1.6 million)," The Times reported.
The Times reported it sent a letter to Armstrong's lawyers that states: "It is clear that the proceedings were baseless and fraudulent. Your representations that you had never taken performance enhancing drugs were deliberately false."

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